Table of Contents

I have been meaning to write some thing here for years. In the hopes of getting it perfect and then publishing it all at once, I have not made much progress.

From now on(March 2023), I'll just be adding stuff here and organize it, clean it up when I can. Because of this, This page will be messy and probably quite confusing.

With that out of the way, This page will contain details of my setup, Every thing from my work/computer setup to my home lab and most importantly by home network!

Computer setup

This post will cover my work/computer setup.

Home Lab

This section will eventually cover every thing about my homelab.


This section will cover my Home network. It's probably better to move this into a multi part blog post but I am not going to do that so this'll be looong.

I like to track every thing about my homelab and my network with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana. Some of my dashboards are public so my ISPs can see them.

Link to the WAN Dashboard

Physical layout of my home network