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Welcome to AS199347! AS199347 is my IPv6 only network for personal use.

You can get updated details about this resource here

Announcement Details

I announce this ASN from AS20473 - Vultr, Delhi:

  • 2a0a:6040:4004::/48 - For providing IPv6 access in my home network. It is further split into /64s and advertised into a few different VLANs.

It is also announced from AS34927 which is iFog GmbH at their Amsterdam Location.

  • 2a0a:6040:4010::/44 - This is primarily for experimentation and testing.

The rest of the block from the /40 is not in use any where.

Peering Policy

Open to peering with any one through a BGP session over GRE tunnels.


All resources are ROA signed. At the Vultr Delhi location, I only take the default route. At the Amsterdam location, I filter invalid RPKI resources.


The Geofeed for this ASN is available here


For NOC or Peering requests, Please send an email to as[at]

For Abuse complaints, Please send an email to as-abuse[at]