My name is Ishan Jain. I currently work at Instadapp as a Backend/Infra Engineer. I am interested in every thing related to Networks, Computer Graphics and writing Compilers/Interpreters although admittedly, Most of my time actually goes towards learning more and more about Networks. I have also done small experiments with Computer Graphics, Interpreters & Parsers.

I also have a homelab and a decent home network and I hope to collect all that information in a presentable format and publish it on my blog.

I love programming and tend to prefer at a bare minimum statically typed languages. As such, My go to language for most things is either Rust or Go but I have worked somewhat extensively with JS/TS and have brief experience with few other languages.

I also like listening to Music. My most favourite genres are Post Rock/Atmospheric Rock & Classical. I absolutely love the works of bands like, God is an Astronaut, Mogwai and Explosions in the sky.

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