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Configuring Gitea to clone repositories over SSH

5 minute read Published: 2022-07-16

I recently created a Gitea instance to host my projects. It all went fine but the one thing I found annoying was cloning repositories from my Gitea instance.

There are two common ways to clone repositories. One is over HTTPS and another is using SSH. Cloning with HTTPS is fine for public repositories but you have to enter credentials every time to clone private repositories or push your changes to remote.

"Walled Gardens" in UPI

4 minute read Published: 2022-03-24


UPI is India's Domestic(for now) cross bank Payment solution. When registering on the platform, You can create some UPI IDs(or Virtual Private Addresses, VPA. I'll be calling this VPA from here on) which look like @. Then, Anyone else on the platform can send you money using your VPA and nothing else. The payments are instant and there is no transaction fee for now.